Thursday, March 19, 2009

Working on some ideas for my Body language assignment. So far I am liking the direction I am going in. I am still working on other images of Jimi and Elvis. They were hard to find by the way. But I now have a good amount to work with.
For the first image I used Helvetica as the background font and I used Arnold Boecklin for the part that reads "Scuse me...".
The one with the brown background I am still messing with. I feel it's coming along. looks like I am having trouble uploading the first image so I will link it from Flickr.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Type Class book assingment

Working on some ideas for the book assignment Genevieve assigned. Going to do a poster that reads body language. The idea behind the poster is "body language" and how we use it to communicate without words. Just the thrust of the hips or pucker at the lips. Freddie mercury, Kurt Cobain (maybe not Kurt, maybe Phil Lynott) , Jimmy Hendrix, and Elvis Presley are Musicians that used more than words to get their message across to their fans and the world. Their live performance and onstage antics were easy to read and easy for fans to understand.

I am think if I should assign each icon to his own poster and have them come together as a poster or if I should combine them all into one poster/banner. I have sketches on hand but no means until tomorrow to post them online with. I am currently at the school computer lab working before I hit the gym for a quick workout. I get my Laptop tomorrow from FEDEX.